Elize Lutus

Arte List
Allium Orb

Elize Lutus
Age 12 (Xillia)
13 (Xillia 2)
Weapon Wand / Teepo
Appearances Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Voice Actor(s) JPYuki Horinaka
ENG Erin Fitzgerald
Elize Lutus is a playable character in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2. She is from the village of Hamil in the Auj Oule region of Reize Maxia. She joined the team after being imprisoned by Jiao because of her advanced Spirit Arte usage, later revealed to be due to the Booster present in Teepo.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Xillia

Elize, from Tales of Xillia is a master of channeling spirits at only 12 years old. She was raised in a strange and unique environment which has caused partial amnesia, so she becomes shy whenever engaged in a conversation. She has a general dislike for people. However, she does enjoy the company of Jude Mathis, Milla Maxwell, and the rest of the party who she considers to be her first friends. She has a strange doll on her shoulder that is called Teepo. This doll works as her voice, but it seems to have a mind of its own at times.

[edit] Xillia 2

Even though Elize is seen putting Teepo into a trunk in House Sharil at the end of the first game, he seems to be back with her as a companion in the sequel, with this being explained as Elize wanting to show him to her classmates before being embroiled in Ludger's mission.

[edit] Battles

Elize's special skill is called Teepo switch. When Teepo is set to ON, Elize's Magic artes gets more powerful. If Teepo is set to OFF, her physical attacks get more powerful. Switching Teepo from ON to OFF just requires the player to hit the R3 button

Elize's partner skill is Teepo Drain. When her partner expends TP, Elize sends Teepo who drains TP and HP from the enemy and gives it to Elize and her partner.

Elize is one of the best healers in the game. She learns artes such as Healing Circle and Resurrection early enough to be useful. Additionally, she is a good arte attacker. Most of her attack artes are of type Dark, making her useful against Light foes. Many of her artes are also wide range, so she can keep busy more than one enemy at a time if they are close enough to each other.

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