Elle Mel Marta

Elle Mel Martha
Elle Mel Martha.jpg
Age 8
Height 130 cm
Appearances Tales of Xillia 2
Voice Actor(s) JP Mariya Ise
ENG Brina Palencia
Elle Mel Martha is an Eight year old girl who is sent on a mission to find the Land of Canaan by her father. Before she boards the train to start her journey the train is hijacked by a group of terrorists. She is found unconscious by Ludger Will Kresnik whom she accompanies on his journey to help Origin control the number of growing spirits.

[edit] Background

Elle is on a journey to the Land of Canaan where she has heard that wishes can be granted. She wants to find this place and make a wish to save her father who is in some kind of trouble. On her way there, she runs into Ludgar in Trigraph and she sucks him into her journey. When the game starts, she's kind of a spoiled brat who is shy but she gradually shows that she's willing to give it her all to save her father. She also carries a pocket watch which her father gave her before she left. She also hates tomatoes.

[edit] Fighting Style

Elle Mel Martha is a main character but is not playable. She's the 2nd non playable heroine in the Tales Series. The other being Claire from Tales of Rebirth.

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