Elympios is the name of the continent located on the other side of the sea from Rieze Maxia.

It can be visited in both Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2, however in the former it's not quite as big.

In Tales of Xillia, Elympios is on the brink of dying due to constant Spyrix use.

[edit] History

Two thousand years before the start of Tales of Xillia, humans would channel Spirits instinctively without understanding what they were doing and used that in their daily lives. However devices known as Spyrix were quickly developed and took over the role of instinctual channeling for most people.

Soon afterwards, Maxwell, the Lord of Spirits, sent a warning to the people on Elympios that Spyrix should not be used under any circumstance. Most people ignored his warning. Those who did followed Kresnik the Sage and went on to follow Maxwell to Rieze Maxia when he created the Schism to isolate the worlds from each other.

As centuries passed, the reason for Maxwell's warning became clear as nature in Elympios began to die and various energy problems started to occur, due to the Spyrix being used killing the Spirits that allowed the world to have life and flourish. The Elympions, unaware of the existence of Spirits, continued to use their Spyrix while trying to figure out an energy conservation plan, not aware that they were feeding their own problem.

Eventually, the Elympions discovered the Schism surrounding the island of Rieze Maxia and that led to the establishment of the Next-Gen Energy Bureau who would begin working on a method of dispelling the Schism to release the energy they could detect there.

After years of research, the first attempt to dispel the Schism is attempted by testing a device that had been created to break Spirit Artes. The device is able to pierce a hole in the Schism, however in doing so the luxury cruise ship E.S.S. Zenethra that was cruising nearby gets swept away and through the Schism into Rieze Maxia. With a hole in the Schism, the Elympion army prepares to invade but their attempt is swiftly thwarted by Muzet who was created to protect the Schism.

A few years after the group Exodus is formed from the survivors of the Zenethra, Gilland is able to make contact with the Elympion army by chance, at which point the Otherworld Reactor Plan is created and worked towards. The development of this plan causes the Next-Gen Energy Bureau to become known as the Department of Otherworld Affairs.

[edit] In the Game

In Tales of Xillia, when the party ends up in Elympios by accident, the effects of desertification have worsened significantly. Very little plant life exists outside of Trigleph and Helioborg Fortress. At best, the world only has enough energy left to last another few years before all life dries up.

[edit] Trivia

  • The name "Elympios" sounds similar to "Olympus", the name of the Greek mountain believed to be the home of the gods. The word itself also means "heaven". Alternatively, its name could be derived from the Greek name "Eleni" which carries the meaning of being strong, imposing, and glorious.
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