Emeraude (エメロード Emeroodo) was an Amarcian scientist on the planet Fodra in the games Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f. She appears to be a minor antagonist but is actually a major antagonist despite not being the game's final boss.

Emerald cutin.png
Emeraude's Mystic Arte cutin
Age Appears to be mid 20s-early 30s
Race Amarcian
JP Seiyuu Hirata Eriko
EN VA Tara Platt


[edit] Personality

Although not much is shown of her, it can be observed that she is a surreptitious, dishonest and cold-hearted woman. Throughout the whole time the party knows her, she blatantly disregards Sophie's humanity (referring to her as "it" several different times, enough for the party to remark on it in a skit). She's very single-minded and prone to excessive amounts of jealousy and hatred.

[edit] In the Past

Emeraude as she appears in the past

Over 1000 years before the story, Emeraude was a bright and tenacious young Amarcian. She had been assigned to work as a researcher on their shield project when she suffered an accident from a broken piece of machinery. The accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. As a result, she became confined to a wheelchair.

The Director of that project, Cornell took responsibility for what had happened to her and began to work with her on different projects. Due to this, Emeraude began to develop feelings for him. At the time, she had a conceptual outline for a humanoid that could "stabilize particles and heal itself, being capable of fully autonomous behavior". This concept would soon become Sophie.

Some years after her initial accident, they found the being known as Lambda while studying Fodra's core and brought him back to research him. Cornell, aware of Emeraude's feelings, rejects her and focuses more attention on Lambda. This causes Emeraude to feel insatiable jealousy and hatred towards Lambda, whom she felt was stealing Cornell's affections.

Fueled by her jealousy and hatred towards Lambda, she performed various cruel experiments on him which caused a natural backlash due to Lambda being linked to Fodra's core. Emeraude pinned these events on Lambda himself and used it as an excuse to have the order made for him to be killed. When confronted by Cornell, she called guards on him and had him arrested and detained per The Board's orders.

When Lambda later escaped to Ephinea with Cornell's help, she painted Lambda as the scapegoat and cause to all their Fodra problems and began to aggressively research into Little Queens in order to convert Sophie (then known as Protos Heis) into a humanoid capable of single-mindedly tracking and killing Lambda permanently.

However, these actions taken by her coupled with other factors caused the planet to die anyway and she was never able to see the fruits of her research carry out. At some point before she died, she transferred her consciousness into a replica humanoid she'd made of herself and tasked her civilian use humanoid Psi to look after her.

[edit] In the Game

When the party first arrives on Fodra and reaches Telos Astue they meet Psi who awakens Emeraude's humanoid body from her sleep. At this point the party doesn't know that this Emeraude is a humanoid. Through her the party learns what Sophie's original name and purpose was and take her to the Humanoid Research Center to be repaired--provided the equipment is still operational. Emeraude is able to repair Sophie however in doing so she also resets her original mission which had been forgotten due to damage caused to Sophie's memories. She then takes the party to Bathus Citadel to retrieve an attachment for their shuttle to allow them to pierce through Lambda's Cocoon. All the while feeding them lies about Lambda and what happened to Fodra (obviously omitting everything that involved how most of it was her fault).

Eventually she decides to go with the party to Ephinea to see Lambda's final destruction through, however in the midst of traveling through his cocoon she makes the heel-face-turn decision that Lambda is too precious to destroy and can be used to restore life to Fodra. When the party manages to get him out of Richard temporarily, she stops Sophie from destroying him and takes him into her body and turns against the party. After her defeat, Lambda begins to reject her as a host resulting in her humanoid body being blown to smithereens and subsequently for her consciousness to cease existing.

[edit] Trivia

  • Her name is from the Middle English spelling of the word that would eventually morph into "emerald"
  • Although she talks to the party a lot while with them, the majority of what she tells the party is later revealed to be a lie. Among these lies were everything she said about Lambda and that Amarcians weren't a race.

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