Enemy Book (Graces f)

To see an enemy's Normal difficulty stats, click on its name. For Easy, Moderate, Hard, Evil, or Chaos difficulties and stats, click on the enemy's name and navigate to the top-section of its stats to see more information.

No. Name In-Game Description
001 Urthona A greater spirit found in Zhonecage.
002 Wailing Golem A new species of golem found on Fodra.
003 Helmcrusher An antipersonnel weapon deployed by the Fendelian army.
004 Auxilioid An advanced version of the Veritoid that guards the Eleth Research Laboratory.
005 Agathion A new species of demon found in the Zhonecage.
006 Asbel? Pure mischief, personified.
007 Diamond Weapon A mutated Weapon found in the Ghardia Shaft.
008 Axe Beak A bird monster native to the Orlen Woods.
009 Platebreaker An antipersonnel weapon that guards the Eleth Research Laboratory.
010 Violet Scorpion A subspecies of scorpion native to Strahta.
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