Ephinea is the world on which most of Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f take place. It's the home to all of the game's main cast.

Ephinea as seen from space.


[edit] Origin and Structure

Ephinea was originally a barren, lifeless moon orbiting the planet Fodra. At an unknown time a little over 1,000 years before the story, Fodrans decided to colonize their moon. It's said in some places throughout the game that part of the reason was so that they could escape Fodra's imminent destruction.

Ephinea was built by transplanting part of Fodra's Lastalia into a man-made Lastalia within Ephinea's core. A rotating ring called Foselos was created to orbit Ephinea and largely functions as a means to keep eleth on the moon's surface from escaping into space. Presumably, it also maintains the Aquasphere--the "ocean" in the sky.

Eleth on Ephinea is produced by the Lastalia, however due to being man-made the eleth produced by it would remain stagnant. For this reason, there are Valkines Cryas on the surface of Ephinea--three for each type of Eleth. These Valkines each produce and maintain the flow of their individual type of eleth so that eleth is distributed as evenly as possible throughout Ephinea.

Gloandi maintains wind eleth and is also responsible for maintaining the weather on Ephinea, due to a control mechanism found deep underneath it in Gustworks Ruins.

Duplemar maintains water eleth throughout Ephinea and is the cause of Strahta becoming a desert.

Forbrannir maintains fire eleth and is the cause of Fendel becoming a cold, snowy region with harsh conditions.

[edit] Guardians of Ephinea

The Valkines are guarded by three dragons, collectively known as Chroma Dragons. These dragons serve the being known as Solomus who maintains and guards Foselos.

Under each dragon's control are eleth spirits which Pascal has the ability to summon. These spirits are known as Grim Sylphie, Cyandine and Bloodflamme.

[edit] Special Places on Ephinea

Due to the nature of how eleth moves about on Ephinea, there are some places that have large amounts of accumulated eleth or where all 3 types of eleth converge and create various types of natural phenomena.

Lhant Hill is one such place where the natural phenomena is that flowers bloom there all year long.

[edit] Countries of Ephinea

Ephinea has three countries, each with one of the three Valkines.

Windor is the country from which Asbel Lhant, Richard and Cheria Barnes are from. Its Valkines is Gloandi.

Strahta is the country that Hubert Oswell is from (by adoption, however. Originally he was from Windor). Its Valkines is Duplemar.

Fendel is the country Pascal and Malik Caesar are from. Its Valkines is Forbrannir.

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