Fendel is a country on Ephinea in the game Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.


[edit] Government

Fendel is run by a dictatorial/tyrannical government led by Chancellor Eigen. At first when the party initially goes to Fendel and even before the story's events, Fendel was mildly corrupt in that it kept secrets regarding various affairs from its people and class inequality was very rampant, with the military having more privileges than a common citizen.

[edit] Geography

Fendel is mainly a mountainous country with few ports. Its most well-known feature is that it's a land where snow never stops falling.

[edit] Landmarks

[edit] Towns

[edit] Dungeons

[edit] Local Delicacies

Despite its harsh environment, Fendel has a few different crops that it's known for. Primarily, it's known for its peaches, cabbages, pumpkins and radishes, all of which are able to be grown despite the constant existence of snow.

[edit] Notable People

Malik, Pascal, Kurt, Lorelia, Chancellor Eigen and the other major Amarcians are all people from Fendel that you meet in the game.

[edit] Trivia

  • Fendel was not always a land of snow and ice. When the Valkines had been newly installed, Fendel actually resembled Windor, but the installation of their Valkines soon caused dramatic climate changes in the immediate area, turning Fendel into the frozen land it is now.
  • It's remarked by several NPCs that Fendel has been growing colder and colder every year.
  • 20 years prior to the Main Arc, the Fendel government reached out to the Amarcians who had been secluded all that time and the two have had a mutually beneficent relationship since.
  • Fendel's name is possibly a reference to "fender" which are "A low metal framework in front of a fireplace, intended to catch hot coals, soot, and ash", making a reference to Fendel's connection with fire eleth as well as the fact that they're known for their ironwork.
  • In comparison to real life, Fendel bears many resemblances to the USSR and in fact--with the exception of the Enclave--its city names are Russian in origin. Many monsters found in the country also have Russian-themed names.
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