Fodra (フォドラ, "fodora") is a planet from Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.

Fodra with Ephinea in the foreground.

[edit] Geography

In the game's Main Arc, Fodra is a barren wasteland with rough patches of land, vast canyons, tall mountains and barely enough eleth to allow some monsters to survive.

In the Future Arc, the planet is largely still barren, however there's now a forest beginning to grow known as the Arcadia Garden.

[edit] In the Past

1,000 years prior to the start of the game, Fodra had been a lush planet with many people living on it. However, a string of events caused the Fodra Queen--the physical manifestation of Fodra's Lastalia and the will of Fodra herself--to become angry with humanity and over a period of time resulted in her creating an environment on Fodra that was unsuitable for humanity in an effort to kill them off.

These actions resulted in as many humans as possible fleeing to Ephinea.

Before this destruction, Fodra had been quite technologically advanced with many structures powered by eleth and some cities even floating in the sky.

Humanoids were one of the many advancements made by Fodran society and the technology most commonly used--everything from servants to navigators to even weapons.

It also had a proud military, however the humans that lived on Fodra would frequently wage war, which was one of the many causes for the Fodra Queen's anger.

It can be insinuated from the use of floating cities/structures as well as what appear to be water marks along the cliff faces in a lot of the valleys that Fodra had once been covered in mostly water.

[edit] Notable People

In the game, the most notable people that came from Fodra were Cornell, Emeraude, Lambda and Sophie.

All Ephineans descend from people that originally came from Fodra, as do the Amarcians.

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