Gloandi is the name for the Valkines Cryas located in Windor in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.

[edit] Uses and Function

Gloandi maintains wind eleth for the entirety of Ephinea as well as blessing the country of Windor with bountiful winds.

Its secondary function is to control the weather on Ephinea.

The people of Windor, naturally, developed their country and way of living around their Valkines. As a symbol of their country, Gloandi is located in Barona. The winds produced by it are used to power windmills scattered throughout the country--most of which are in Lhant.

[edit] Gustworks Ruins

In Tales of Graces f there is a dungeon discovered underneath Gloandi that resembles the Wallbridge Ruins. At the very bottom of this dungeon is the machine responsible for controlling Ephinea's weather patterns.

[edit] Trivia

  • "Gloandi" means "The Green Mother"
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