The God-Generals are the second-highest ranking members of the Oracle Knights in Tales of the Abyss. They serve under Vandesdelca Grants and Fon Master Ion, and only them. They are part of the God-General Faction, not the Grand Maestro Faction. Therefore, they cannot take orders from the Grand Maestro.

[edit] Role

Each of the six God-Generals have a purpose for being under Van's command. For example, Asch serves beneath Van because he was taken from his family's memory at a young age, and replaced by his replica.

As a God-General, they are expected to do exactly as Van says. During the game, his main goal is to reform the world into his own image by using the Key of Lorelei and the Seventh Fonon. In order to do this, he must defeat the party that gets in his way, including Luke and Tear. Because of this, each member of the God-General Faction develops a strong rivalry with a member of the main party.

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