Great War

The Great War was a war that took place in Tales of Vesperia's timeline. It took place 10 years prior to the events of Vesperia and was a war between the humans and Entelexia. No one in the game seems to know what exactly happened in the war but many of the characters were all affected by it. Judith, the Krityan, was only a little girl when her town was a battlefield and destroyed between the forces of the two armies. She escaped along with a young Entelexia named Ba'ul who Judith grew up with and was very close to her. Duke was also a part of the Great War. He was best friends with the King of the Entelexia, Elucifer. Elucifer fought with the humans and was a great help. However, when the humans won the war, they decided to kill Elucifer while he wasn't paying attention. This greatly angered and upset Duke who went to live a life of solitude somehow with the royal sword, Dein Nomos. Alexei was also in the war although not much is known about what role he had. Besides the fact about when Raven who was going by the name Damuron at the time and Yeager died, (Duke found Damuron and returned him to Zaiphas before stealing the Dein Nomos from the Imperial Treasury and going onto back to life in solitude) Alexei developed a certain kind of blastia and brought them back to life. He did not however, bring back the love of both Yeager and Raven, Casey.

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