Georg Heldalf
Race Hellion
Weapon Claws,
Appearances Tales of Zestiria
Voice Actor(s) JP Takayuki Sugo
ENPatrick Seitz
Georg Heldalf is the antagonist of the game Tales of Zestiria. He is a hellion turned Lord of Calamity, and so has power over the hellions roaming Glenwood. Heldalf aims to corrupt the world with malevolence and kill the current Shepherd, Sorey.

[edit] Appearance

Heldalf's appearance has changed from a human form since his malevolent corruption. As the Lord of Calamity, he resembles a humanoid lion. He has the face of a lion, though grey coloured, a light blond mane with black highlights, and a human-shaped body made up of purple smoke (likely malevolence) and a long black coat which looks to maintain his physical form. He has metal claws on his hands and thigh-high armored boots (which appear to make up his physical legs). These have matching metal claws, which he uses to fight and parry incoming attacks.

As a human, Heldalf appeared as an adult male with blond hair and beard. He wore a long black coat and black clothing with gold accents.

[edit] Tales of Zestiria

Heldalf is the main antagonist of Tales of Zestiria. He is first spoken of in Ladylake, when Lailah tells Sorey and Mikleo of the responsibilities which come with Sorey being the new Shepherd. At the time Tales of Zestiria takes place, Heldalf has already established himself as the Lord of Calamity and begun his crusade to coat the world in corruption.

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