Hubert's Arte List

[edit] Burst Artes

Name CC Effect
Flare Shot 2
Aqua Bullet 2
Scarlet Salvo 2
Radial Arc 3
Aerial Barrage 3
Gravity Blast 4
Cross Mirage 4
Beast Blaster 5
Antidote 3
Healing Wind 4

[edit] Assault Artes

Name CC Effect
Crescent Moon 1 A basic Dualblade slash.
New Moon 2 A half-spin with the dual blades that can slice foes multiple times.
Tiger Blade 2 A two-stage up-and-down attack that bites like a tiger fang.
Gale Fang 2 A wave of null energy generated by spinning the dualblades. Strikes enemies to the left.
Thunder Fang 2 A lightning bolt generated bu spinning the dualblade. Strikes enemies to the right.
Full Moon 3 An overhead spin of the dualblade that can repeatedly slash foes.
D. Bloom 3 A forceful blade thrust that releases the power of fire.
Dual Shredder 3 A two-stage attack attack with enough power to kick up a cloud of dust.
W. Slash 3 An attack that creates a wave of null energy as Hubert advances.
Falling Star 4 An attack in which a foes is lifted then smacked back down.
M. S. Thrust 4 A two-step attack that combines footwork and power. The second strike hits from behind.
Dualblade Dance 4 A spirited, twin-bladed dance of destruction.
Thunder Bringer 4 A spinning dualblade attack that calls bolts of lightning over a wide area.
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