Hubert Oswell

Hubert Oswell
Hubert Oswell as seen in Tales of Graces
Age 10 (as a child) 17 (as an adult)
Weight 62 kg
Height 171 cm
Weapon Dual Blades/Guns
JPN Voice Actor Takahiro Mizushima
ENG Voice Actor Steve Staley

[edit] Introduction

Hubert is Asbel Lhant's younger brother. Hubert is a bit squeamish as a child but always sticks around Asbel for protection. Later on Hubert gets sent to be adopted by the Oswell family. You meet him again as a lieutenant of the Strahta Army. Angry about his adoption and feeling betrayed by his family.

[edit] Fighting Style

Hubert is a very quick dual blade based striker. His Assault Artes are extremely fast and can be mixed with his Burst Artes to create great combos. His Burst Artes are mostly gun shot attacks with many status effects. He is very good for quickly hitting the enemies' weakspots.

[edit] Artes

Hubert's Arte List

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