Humanoids are a type of AI-powered robot from Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.

Although they can appear and act like robots, calling them such is somewhat inaccurate given that the high-quality ones display human-like qualities and are able to do human things such as bathing, sleeping and eating.


[edit] Construction

It's unknown exactly how humanoids were made. Their construction and use was mostly done and widespread on Fodra prior to the planet's death. It seems, however, that the majority of humanoid research and development took place at the Humanoid Research Center.

[edit] Uses

On Fodra, humanoids had advanced enough to where they were used for various things. They seemed to have largely been separated into two different classes of uses: Common and Military.

Common humanoids were most prolific around cities and along roads, acting as servants and guides and helpers. Some of them, such as the pile of dead humanoids in the Ghardia Shaft, were used for physical labor in place of regular people. The common type of humanoid was usually the kind of humanoid that looked more robot-like, having visible ball joints at their knees and elbows and head attachments that sometimes looked like screws. All of them were also equipped with a memory bank that allows them to video tape the things they witness and that memory data could then be removed and watched on a machine like a video tape.

Military humanoids were completely different. Where the common ones were typically small and child-like in appearance, the humanoids used by and in the military were taller, leaner, and much more human-like in both appearance and intelligence. They were incredibly lethal and fast, perfect for use as weapons in and of themselves. Due to their higher intelligence, they were less likely to make mistakes and were able to carry out orders with little instruction. Most military use humanoids were kept in Bathus Citadel and the Eleth Research Laboratory.

[edit] Treatment

Although the game doesn't reveal much, it can be inferred based on the passing comments of a few humanoids that retain the ability of speech that humanoids were treated by the general populace as both objects and slaves. Emeraude demonstrates such an attitude by constantly referring to Sophie as if she were an object despite her clearly human-like demeanor. There are some humanoid NPCs who will tell about their masters or other humans who would treat them as humans or make comments to that effect, but it seems this was regarded as uncommon or out of place.

Further evidence of this mindset is the same pile of humanoids in the Ghardia Shaft. When humanoids stopped functioning or fulfilled their use, they were typically thrown away or discarded. Cheria remarks that this is sad, though Sophie reassures her that to the humanoids it probably wasn't sad, because they fulfilled their duty until their last breath.

[edit] Human or Machine?

Little is known about the structural make-up of a humanoid, however it can be clearly assessed that they're not exactly machines. But they're also not human either. They use eleth as their energy to keep them running, but they also seem to be made of eleth themselves as it's observed that they can disintegrate into eleth particles when they die. By virtue of being made of eleth, it can be assumed that they're organic in some capacity, especially since humanoids like Sophie are able to eat, sleep and bathe without raising any suspicions or otherwise seeming non-human.

In the end, all that can be definitively said based on canon evidence is that humanoids are organic physically in some capacity, but have robot-like mentalities.

[edit] Notable Humanoids

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