Appearances Tales of Hearts
Tales of Hearts R
Race Mechaknight
Age 2000+
Gender Female
Voice Actors JP Junko Minagawa
Incarose (インカローズ Inkaroozu) is an antagonist in Tales of Hearts and Tales of Hearts R.

[edit] Background

Incarose is an experimental Queen type Mechaknight, who has seven bodies connected to a single Spiria. Many refer to her as a witch thanks to her skill with Will artes. It is her duty is to serve Creed Graphite.

[edit] Personality

Incarose is cold and ruthless, always carrying out Creed's orders without a second thought. She has a synthetic Spiria, however, unlike Kunzite, her Spiria was not nurtured. She wasn't given the chance to properly develop emotions and opinions, since Creed treated her like a tool, and was cruel to her.

[edit] Trivia

  • Incarose's name originates with the mineral "rhodochrosite". The people of the Inca Empire believed that rhodochrosite was the blood of their previous rulers turned to stone. They refered to it as "Rosa Del Inca" or "Incarose".
  • Creed thought her eyes were beautiful, and named her "Incarose" since her eyes are the colour of rhodochosite.
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