Iria Animi

Iria Animi
Age 15
Height 5'5" / 166 cm
Weight 117 lbs / 53 kg
Hometown Sania Village
Weapon Dual Guns
JP Seiyuu Yuko Sasamoto

[edit] Introduction

Iria Animi is the heroine of Tales of Innocence.

The game's female protagonist. A spirited and short-tempered girl who ran away from her hometown Sania Village because she was being chased by a mysterious group. She meets Luca by chance as he was going back from the shop while carrying food and he ends up giving the food to her. She travels with a strange animal called Coda. Her past life is Inanna, Asura's lover, and someone of high-class from the Ratio. Her weapon of choice are dual guns and she specializes in healing and water and ice magic.

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