Iselia Human Ranch

Iselia Human Ranch is a Human Ranch located in Iselia Forest outside of the small village of Iselia in Sylverant from Tales of Symphonia.

[edit] Importance and Facts

The ranch is overseen by Forcystus, one of the five Desian Grand Cardinals.

Iselia Ranch is notable for being different from other ranches in Sylverant because it's the only ranch with a non-aggression treaty with its nearby town. This treaty makes it so that the ranch is limited in the towns that it can raid for humans to enslave. Iselia Ranch mainly gets its supply of humans from Triet, travelers or imported humans from other ranches.

In the course of the story, the ranch is first seen when Lloyd and Genis are walking towards Lloyd's house in the Iselia Forest when Genis wants to divert to go to the ranch. Lloyd accompanies him and finds out that Genis has made a friend out of one of the humans kept at the ranch, Marble. They keep her occupied for too long, attracting the attention of Desians within the ranch who assume she was slacking off and take her away to punish her by whipping. Lloyd and Genis witness this from the cliff nearby and devise a distraction plan to shorten Marble's punishment (and thus suffering) and then execute the plan.

Their plan backfires however, because Desians see Lloyd's face and they didn't account for the fact that the ranch was equipped with security cameras.

Shortly afterwards, Iselia is attacked because Lloyd was identified on their surveillance tapes, and since Lloyd is affiliated with Iselia, the non-aggression treaty becomes broken and void. When they attacked the village, they brought Marble with them, albeit in the form she took when her Exsphere was tampered with to go out of control and made to fight Lloyd and Genis, after which both are banished from the village.

The ranch is also significant because it was at the foot of the cliff the ranch rests on that Dirk found three-year-old Lloyd and his mom at the time Lloyd's mother died.

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