Jade Curtiss

Jade Curtiss

Jade Curtiss, The Necromancer
Age 35
Weapon Spear
First Apperance Tales of the Abyss
Other Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Hometown Keterburg
Voice Actor Kirk Thornton

Dr. Jade Balfour, more commonly known as Jade Curtiss (ジェイド・カーティス, Jeido Kaatisu) or as Jade the Necromancer (ネクロマンサー・ジェイド, Nekuromansaa Jeido) is a playable character in the game Tales of the Abyss.


[edit] Brief Overview

Jade Curtiss is a Colonel in the Malkuth Empire when he first encounters the duo of Tear Grants and Luke Fon Fabre. As the main protagonists travel over land under the impression that they're still in Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and heading for its capital city, they encounter Jade's warship the Tartarus, as it attacks a team of rogues. During the encounter Jade shoots down the bridge which forces Tear and Luke to take an alternate route of travel upon learning that they're really in Malkuth. Upon heading to the nearest town they encounter Colonel Jade Curtiss face to face and Fon Master Ion along with his bodyguard Anise Tatlin. And it's during this meeting that the journey to save Auldrant begins.

[edit] Younger Years

Colonel Jade Curtiss was born Jade Balfour in Keterburg, Malkuth Empire. Nothing is known of his biological parents, but it is known that he has a sister named Nephry. As a child he became close friends with Peony the Ninth the future Emperor of the Malkuth Empire and the future God-General Dist. In his earlier years Jade, because he was a brilliant child, began his research on Fomicry. His first successful replica came when one of Nephry's dolls broke and Jade replicated it using his early Fomicry research. As he grew up in Keterberg he became fascinated with life and death but only as it pertained with replication. He had little regard for the lives he was altering due to his research and it wasn't until he met Professor Nebilim that his fascination with his research took a different course. There was an accident which befall Professor Nebilim and as she was lay dying, Jade saw this as a chance to use to replication research on a live subject. He manages to replicate her before she dies but she proves to be too much. After that fiasco Jade is adopted by the famous Curtiss Military family because of his brilliance.

Now going by the name of Jade Curtiss, Jade moves up the ranks of the Military of the Malkuth Empire to gain the rank of Colonel, although he's more than qualified to become general. He serves his best friend and Emperor, Peony the Ninth, and is looked upon with respect and trust not only by the Emperor but also by the Military.

[edit] On a Mission to Stop an Impending War

It comes to the attention of Emperor Peony that there is rumor of a war meant to be started between two different factions within the Order of Lorelei, one is a faction loyal to the Fon Master and the other is a faction loyal to Grand Maestro Mohs. Ion is apprehended and held until he's helped in his escape by the Malkuth Empire. With the Fon Master now safe and who also wants to avoid war, he appoints Jade to help in stopping this war and sends him to meet the Fon Master and his bodyguard in hopes of putting an end to this problem. During his travels towards Engeve, the appointed meeting place, he encounters a group of rogues, known in the area as the Dark Wings, while traveling in his warship, The Tartarus.

As he chases the rogues away from the area he encounters a carriage on route. He lets them know to get away from their line of fire before making a sharp turn. He discovers that the Dark Wings have set up a explosives on Rotelro Bridge. They activate it using the Fifth Fonon and all Jade and the crew of the Tartarus can do is erect a shield to keep them from harms way. Having done all he could against the Dark Wing rogues, he heads to Engeve to meet with the Fon Master. While there he meets Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants for the first time when Luke is wrongly accused of continuously stealing food from the town, after one incident of he not paying for an apple. After departing, he meets them once more in the Cheagle Woods while he searches for Ion who had gone missing.

It's during a battle Tear and Luke are having against a liger that he meets up with the two once more. The pair, outmatched by the stronger Liger, almost defeats them before Jade steps in and helps the two. After the battle Jade wanders out of the Woods with Tear, Luke, and Ion in toe. Not long after he arrest Luke and Tear and brings them to the Tartarus. It's while holding them there that he learns that Luke and Tear came from Kimslasca and moreover that Luke is related to the King. Seeing the opportunity to end this war before it starts both Jade and Fon Master Ion explain to Tear and Luke what's happening in hopes for their aid.

While Ion and Jade explain the dire situation to the displaced protagonists the Tarturus is attacked by God-Generals of the Order of Lorelei. Fon Master Ion is kidnapped and Anise chases after those who kidnapped him. Meanwhile Jade, Tear, and Luke are in search of an escape route only to be met by Largo the Black Lion of the God-General. He and Jade have a brief altercation where Jade defeats him easily with the help of his spear. But before Largo leaves, he uses a fonslot against Jade which closes off his fonons and his powers diminish greatly. Jade realizes he will need time to unlock the fonslot seal slowly but surely.

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