Jude Mathis

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Jude Mathis
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Xillia 1 Jude
Japanese Name ジュード・マティス
Age 15
Appearances Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave
Weapon Gauntlets
Voice Actor Tsubasa Yonaga


[edit] Xillia 1

[edit] Introduction

Jude Mathis is a young man who first appears in Tales of Xillia. He is currently a medical student, and is working to become a doctor in the metropolitan city of Fennmont. Jude is rather impulsive which causes problems for the rest of the group at times, yet he only wants everybody to be happy. His Snap Pivot ability lets him evade an attack and go behind the opponent when the player successfully backsteps.

When Jude first meets Milla he is fascinated, and he envies her. Milla later reveals that she is Maxwell, the Lord of Spirits, who is known all around the world of Rieze Maxia. Jude decides to follow Milla when she gets them both into trouble.

Throughout the course of their adventure, Jude also meets a man named Gaius, the King of Auj Oule. Gaius has a great sense of purpose in the world and has the willpower to pull through almost any situation. Between Gaius and Milla, Jude matures quickly. He starts out as one of the weak that everyone thinks needs protecting, but he becomes one of the strong.

[edit] Xillia 2

[edit] Introduction

Jude has now graduated from the Talim Medical School in Fennmont and is a full fledged doctor. He studies spyrites as well in order to keep his promise from the end of Tales of Xillia to Gaius.

[edit] Battle Style

His battle style is relatively reminiscent of Senel Coolidge's from Tales of Legendia, in the way that they both use their full body in order to fight. His Snap Pivot ability lets him evade an attack and go behind the opponent. Along with his fighting skills, Jude also has several healing abilities that allow him to heal HP and Status effects from himself and allies.

His Partner skill is called Recover. When someone who is Linked with Jude gets knocked down, Jude appears by their side and restores some health, or even sometimes restores them from KO.

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