First Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Other Appearances Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Tales of VS.
Weapon Spears/Staves
Sub Weapon Boots
Age 19
Voice Actor Megan Hollingshead

Judith (ジュディス Judisu) is a playable character in the game Tales of Vesperia.


[edit] Description

Judith is a young Kritian that travels around the planet destroying blastia first known as the Dragon Rider. When at first asked why she does it, Judith simply responds that she wants to. The real answer is revealed later on in the game and further down this page; While Judith is traveling around the world, she meets Yuri Lowell and the rest of the gang. When Yuri and Karol Capel decide to make a guild, Judith is quick to join. When she destroys the blastia on the group's ship, it is because she is part of the guild that Yuri decides to give a chase and find out why she did it. After all, she broke the guilds laws. It is quickly found out that Judith left to protect her friend Ba'ul from a guild called the Hunting Blades and there's a bigger reason why she is going around destroying blastia.

Throughout the game you will notice that there are aer disturbances and it is revealed that blastias are behind this. After all, living in a world fueled by aer is what makes the disturbances so serious. After the Hunting Blades are defeated and Ba'ul safely evolves, Judith joins back up with the the rest of the group. This time around, Ba'ul is her airship and she can ride him to anywhere on the map.

[edit] History

Judith is from a race called the Kritya. She was originally from a town near the Sands of Kogorh in the area of Mt. Temza. During the Great War, ten years before the beginning of the game, a battle took place. Her home was completely destroyed during the battle. She, however, was fine. An Entelexia named Ba'ul saved her life and brought her to Myorzo,the home of the Kritya. After nine or ten years presumably, she left Myorzo with Ba'ul in search of Hermes Blastia, a special kind of blastia that uses more aer than it should. Judith destroyed every Hermes Blastia that she found. Doing this, she first met Yuri Lowell and the rest of the group.

[edit] Battle Skills

Judith's battle strategy mainly includes the use of constant artes, mainly in mid air. She is able to fight monsters in the air easily. She does have a problem dealing with the smaller monsters though. Not the best character against bosses, and avoid fight Zagi with her. Her basic attacks can knock enemies up without using any artes, which can be a useful combo starter. She does have, although limited, ground-based artes.

[edit] Family

During several side quests, it is stated that Judith's father is Hermes, the genius Kritya who made the Hermes Blastia. Because her father was the one to create such a disaster upon the world, Judith feels responsible to correct her father's mistake. Therefore, she travels around the world and destroys all of them that she can.

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