Karol Capel

Karol Capel

Karol Capel
First Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Other Appearances N/A
Weapon Two handed Sword/Axe/Hammer
Sub Weapon Bag
Age 12
Voice Actor Julie Ann Taylor

Karol Capel (カロル・カペル, Karoru Kaperu) is one of the playable characters in the game, Tales of Vesperia.

[edit] Personality

Despite acting all gung-ho, Karol is actually fairly cowardly. He's very hesitant and lack self-confidence. He often runs in the face of danger. Karol admits that he uses large weapons to make himself seem more intimidating as the large weapons look even bigger when compared to his diminutive size. However, over the course of the game, he grows out of this and gains his confidence and resolve.

[edit] Story

Karol is from the town of Dahngrest. When you first meet Karol he claims that he is a member of the Hunting Blades which seems unlikley because he is afraid of everything. You later find out that he was trying to restore the power of the tree in Halure. He was hunting eggbears and mistook Yuri Lowell and gang as one. Later in the game you learn has been kicked out of every guild in the book. He then decides that he wants to start his own guild. Yuri agrees to start it with him. Estelle comes up with the name Brave Vesperia. Karol likes it and decides to go with that. Judith and Repede join shortly after. They get another member, Raven after you board the Heracles. Rita Mordio and Estelle consider themselves part of Brave Vesperia but never actually come out and tell you that they are part of it. At the end of the game Karol has changed a lot. He has more confidence in himself and is braver. He is trying to win the heart of the girl called Nan from the Hunting Blades.

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