Kohaku Hearts

Kohaku Hearts
Amber Hearts.png
Kohaku Hearts as she appears in Tales of Hearts.
Appearances Tales of Hearts
Tales of Hearts R
Tales of Graces F
Tales of VS
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Tales of Innocence R
Race Organican
Age 17
Gender Female
Hometown Dronning
Weight 99lbs (45kg)
Height 5"2' (158cm)
Soma Rondeau
Voice Actor(s) JP Marina Inoue
Kohaku Hearts (コハク・ハーツ Kohaku Haatsu, Amber Hearts in Tales of Graces F) is the heroine and one of the playable characters in Tales of Hearts and Tales of Hearts R.


[edit] Background

Kohaku is a young girl from Dronning. Since birth, she has had a woman living in her Spiria, Lithia Spodumene. Kohaku believes in Lithia, and has promised to help her fulfill her mission.

[edit] Personality

Kohaku is a kind and polite girl, although she has a bit of a temper. She's quick to trust people and is very caring. She hates when people fight, and just wants everyone to get along.

[edit] Fighting Style

Kohaku possesses the Soma Rondeau, worn as an anklet on her left foot. When called forth from her Spiria it takes the form of a baton. Kohaku is a martial artist, attacking with a mix of baton swings and kicks. She can also use fire, light, and wind elemental Will artes, along with healing artes.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kohaku’s name comes from “琥珀” (Kohaku), the Japanese word for “Amber”.
  • Kohaku has an extreme love of miso. She puts it on pretty much everything she eats, and has a tub of it on her person at all times.
  • Since she is from Dronning, she originally spoke with a thick accent. (It was a different Dialect in the Japanese versions.)
  • When she borrowed Hisui's Soma, her Spiria made it shoot miso.
  • Kohaku's mother named her after the kohaku sakura tree, which is considered Dronning's treasure.
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