Kratos Aurion

Kratos Aurion

Kratos Aurion, The Judgment
Japanese Name Kuratosu Aurion
Age 4,000+
28 (Physically)
First Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Other Appearance(s) Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Tales of Vesperia
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Tales of Versus
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Weapon Sword/Dagger and Shield
Voice Actor Cam Clarke (Engish)
Fumihiko Tachiki (Japanese)


[edit] Character Overview

Kratos Aurion (クラトス アウリオン Kuratosu Aurion) is a main character of Tales of Symphonia. Kratos tends to come off as cold and arrogant, and speaks very formally. His first appearance in game is at the Martel Temple where he saves the party from the Renegades, where he is hired to protect The Chosen. His fighting ability is very impressive, but that is because he is actually one of the Four Seraphim of Cruxis. Long ago, Kratos was a close companion of Mithos, along with Martel and Yuan.

[edit] History

Originally the Captain of the Tethe'allan Knights, Kratos joined Mithos' cause after the city he watched over was destroyed by the Sylvaranti forces. Kratos was branded a traitor by his own king for consorting with half elves, and began to travel with Mithos to end the Kharlan War, teaching him swordplay. However, before the war could be ended, the Giant Kharlan Tree that provided the world with mana was destroyed, and Mithos, who had been making pacts with Summon Spirits, used the power of the Eternal Sword granted to him by Origin to split greater Aselia into two worlds with the Great Seed at their center. The plan was to use the Eternal Sword and the mana from Derris-Kharlan to cause a new World Tree to grow. Kratos became Origin's Seal to ensure that the power Mithos held over the Eternal Sword could never be broken.

Before Mithos could see his plan through, Martel was killed by a group of humans, seeking the power of the Great Seed. Her soul became part of the Seed itself via the power of her Cruxis Crystal in order to preserve it. However, Mithos was driven half-mad by her death and decided to resurrect her, breaking his promise to Origin to reunite the worlds. He, along with Kratos Aurion and Yuan Ka-Fai, became the founding members of Cruxis and its Angels. They created a false religion centered around the Goddess Martel in which a person called The Chosen sets out on a Journey of Regeneration in order to reverse the flow of mana between the two worlds and become a lifeless doll that will serve as Martel's vessel. This religion is administered by the Church of Martel and is "opposed" by the Desians, who serve to force the evolution of the Chosen's Cruxis Crystal. Kratos administers Sylvarant.

A few decades before the start of the events of Tales of Symphonia, Kratos discovers Mithos' plans for the Age of Lifeless Beings and descends upon the declining world, where he meets a woman named Anna Irving. She is a victim of the Angelus Project, which attempts to turn an Exsphere into a Cruxis Crystal. This project is administered by the Desian Grand Cardinal, Lord Kvar. The two travel together, searching for a way for a human to wield the Eternal Sword, during which time Kratos discovers how to forge the Eternal Ring. The two travel together for some time, falling in love and parenting the game's protagonist, Lloyd Irving. Eventually, Anna and Kratos are cornered by Kvar, who removes Anna's Exsphere, transforming her into an Exbuela when the mana in her body goes out of control. Anna attacks Lloyd and Kratos is forced to kill her, though their son, Noishe, and the Exsphere fall off the cliff and Kratos thinks them dead. He is retrieved by Cruxis before he can kill himself and destroy Origin's Seal.

14 years after these events, Kratos is sent to Iselia, The Village of Oracles by Cruxis to prevent the Chosen's assassination at the hand of the Renegades and to ensure the Journey of Regeneration's success. Here he meets Lloyd anew and realizes that his son is still alive, and travels with him for quite some time, posing as a mercenary. Though he later betrays Lloyd's party at the Tower of Salavation, Kratos teaches Lloyd swordsmanship and continues to give the young man advice all through out his journey. Eventually, his identity is revealed to Lloyd by Yuan outside of Altessa's House, and Lloyd must fight him to gain the right to use the Eternal Sword.

Kratos leaves at the end of the game with Derris-Kharlan.

[edit] Personality

Kratos is shown as being cool, calm, and collected. He nearly never loses his temper and often condescends to Lloyd about his lack of refined swordsmanship. This causes him to come off as very arrogant at first glance, but he is actually shown as being helpful and even kind at several points in the game, offering advice, help, or compliments to other party members (these scenes are viewable via skits). Despite being a traitor character, Kratos is driven most prominently by his love for his son, shown as he helps the young man navigate the twists and turns thrown at him later on in the game, long after he has left the party.

He is also shown as very serious and intelligent (he is one of the smartest characters in the game, scoring 380 on the Palmacosta exam), and skilled in a variety of areas, including swordplay and machinery. Kratos is somewhat awkward and doesn't always know how to communicate, and you can see him fumbling through several conversations with Lloyd if you choose to watch the optional sword training scenes by triggering the subquest in Palmacosta. Over all, he is a very focused, powerful, intelligent, and stern individual who is not the sort of man to be taken lightly.

[edit] Fighting Style

Kratos is an established Magic Swordsman, a character capable of both magic and physical artes. He uses both swords and daggers, and his magic ability stems from the fact that he's ingested Aionis, a magical rock that grants humans the ability to tap into the vast mana about them.

He often has a shield equipped and is depicted as being more competent with a sword while his counterpart, Zelos Wilder, is shows as being more adept with the use of a dagger. Kratos is capable of using offensive magic, healing magic, and a variety of sword artes, some of which combine his magical ability with his physical craft.

Game Role
Tales of Symphonia A mercenary hired to guard the Chosen and her entourage. He leaves the party for the first time during Disc I, and will join and leave a few times thereafter. Correctly choosing certain options during the story will allow the player to keep him in the party for the end of the game.
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World He is the game's narrator (as in the first game), and has a small cameo on a hologram projector, talking to Yuan. His role has no significance on the main plot.
Tales of Vesperia He is a secret boss, and the most powerful one in the game.
Tales of Symphonia: Japanese Anime His role in the anime is the same as in the first game.
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology A [party] character in the game. He is playable, and will instigate battles with you at certain points.

[edit] Weapons

Long Sword
Soul Eater
Steel Sword

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[edit] Skit Faces

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