Appearances Tales of Hearts
Tales of Hearts R
Race Mechaknight
Gender Male
Age 2,000+ (Physically 20)
Height 6'4" (193cm)
Weight 170 lbs (77kg)
Soma Vex
Voice Actors JP Hozumi Gouda
Kunzite (クンザイト Kunzaito) is a protagonist and playable character in Tales of Hearts and its re-release Tales of Hearts R.


[edit] Background

Kunzite is a Jack type Mechaknight, who's duty is to protect and serve Lithia Spodumene. Kunzite was built with a synthetic Spiria, which allows him to grow and develop emotions.

[edit] Personality

At first he is cold and distant, with little to no care for anyone besides his master, Kunzite's Spiria eventually grows with help from the party. He develops emotions and learns to make his own decisions outside of his programming.

[edit] Fighting Style

Kunzite was built with the Soma Vex, which takes the form of blades on his hands, along with another pair of bladed arms that extend from his back. Kunzite balances sword artes with dark elemental Will artes.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kunzite was named after the mineral “kunzite”, also known a "spodumene".
  • Kunzite has many strange functions built into him, including a massage mode, equipment that can scan objects and people to gather data, a vacuum and many more.
  • Even though he is a Mechaknight, he is still vulnerable to things like illnesses and hiccups.
  • When he borrowed Hisui's Soma, his Spiria made it shoot peach pie filling.
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