Kurt before battle
Age  ??
Weapon Spear
Game Tales of Graces f

[edit] Introduction

Years before the start of the game, Kurt and Malik were both revolutionaries for the Kingdom of Fendel. They both believed that great change had to happen and that a revolution was the best way to do so. However, after the death of Chancellor Eigen's daughter Lorelia, Malik left. With Lorelia dead and Malik gone, Kurt gave up his plans of revolution. Instead he joined the system underneath Eigen in hopes of changing it from the inside out much like Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia.

[edit] In Game

Kurt truly believes that he is making a difference in the lives of the citizens of Fendel. Using Fourier's base research (which was based off of Pascal's) and tweaking it, he believes that he has a machine that should be able to milk eleth off of Fendel's Valkines Crystal. However, if the experiment fails, and blows up, the entire country could be wiped off the map. Asbel and his friends (accompanied by Malik) recognize this danger and try to stop him. Kurt battles bravely but cannot best the group. After the battle, his machine starts reacting violently. To stop it from exploding, Kurt jabs his spear into the machine which gives him an electrical shock which stops his heart. If the party moves further into the dungeon they can find Lorelia's grave with Kurt's locket on it. It confessed that Kurt had always loved Lorelia but had never told her out of respect for her and Malik's relationship.

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