Kyle Dunamis

Kyle Dunamis
Kyle's concept art
Age 15
Race Human
Height 5'3" / 160 cm
Weight 121 lbs / 55 kg
Hometown Cresta
Weapon Sword
JP Seiyuu Jun Fukuyama


[edit] Introduction

Kyle is the main character in Tales of Destiny 2 and is the son of Stahn Aileron and Rutee Katrea.

[edit] History

Kyle Aileron, more commonly known as Kyle Dunamis after being renamed such by his parents so they could protect him and help him develop bonds with the other orphans living in the Dunamis Orphanage, is the main protagonist of Tales of Destiny 2 and the offspring of Stahn Aileron and Rutee Katrea, the protagonists of Tales of Destiny. His goal in life is to be a hero just like his parents were. He has the same laid back and optimistic personality as his father, not to mention his blond hair and blue eyes. Despite the fact that he is so similar to Stahn, Kyle remembers very little of him, seeing as he went missing when Kyle was only five years old. Therefore, Rutee essentially raised him with the help of Loni Dunamis, one of the other orphans. Several years later, Loni joined the Church of Atamoni and left Rutee and Kyle to run the orphanage themselves.

After narrowly avoiding being eaten by an Eggbear due to Loni’s timely return to Cresta, Kyle hears about a giant Lens at the Laguna Ruins that could bring the orphanage 3 million Gald if they sold it. Enticed by the prospect of money to help the orphanage as well as adventure, Kyle pleads with his mother to allow him to go with Loni to get the giant Lens, and so they traverse the ruins to find the Lens, as anticipated. Kyle then approaches the giant Lens and tries to touch it, but it shatters before him and Loni and a girl steps out from the destroyed Lens. The girl, later revealed to be called Reala, claims she is searching for a hero, which excites Kyle and he claims that he is the hero she is looking for, but Reala flat out rejects him as a hero. Despite being disappointed by their first meeting, Kyle quickly decides that he’s going to chase after Reala and make her accept him as the hero she’s looking for, thereby putting the journey into motion.

Kyle and Loni follow Reala all the way to Aigrette, where Reala came to see if Philia was the hero she was looking for. Before finding Reala in Aigrette, Kyle and Loni encounter a powerful sorceress with a Lens much like Reala’s who calls herself Elraine. Not long later, Reala and Philia are attacked by an intimidating mercenary who goes by the name of Barbatos Goetia. It just so happens that Barbatos is also the person who killed Stahn ten years ago and Kyle merely forgot about what happened due to post-traumatic stress, being fed lies by Rutee and Loni that he had departed on a long journey instead, but this isn’t discovered until later.

Additionally, a masked mercenary named Judas joins Kyle and Loni at the same time as Reala, making his second appearance after busting out the two Dunamises from a prison in Darillshade a while back. Despite the fact that Reala has joined, she still doesn’t consider Kyle to be a hero and only accompanies the others because they agreed to help Reala to search for her hero.

After being whisked away to a future where the goddess Fortuna rules and the heroes don’t exist, the team meets an archer named Nanaly Fletcher. When Kyle tries to convince Reala that he’s the hero she’s looking for again, Reala gets mad at him and takes everybody, even Nanaly, back with them to the present without thinking about it. Reala then runs off and gets captured by Elraine, but Kyle and friends come to the rescue before Elraine can get rid of Reala permanently. After the rescue, Kyle goes over to Reala and her pendant starts glowing, signifying that Kyle has now proven himself to be the hero that Reala has been looking for all along.

More stuff happens where Kyle and his friends, including getting whisked away to 1,000 years to the past where they meet the genius scientist who created the Swordians, Harold Belselius. Elraine’s plan is revealed to be where she collects enough Lenses to summon the God’s Egg to crash into the planet like a meteor, causing humanity to be wiped out in order for the world and humanity to be reshaped to hers and Fortuna’s desires. However, Kyle and his friends take to the God’s Egg before it crashes into the world and fight Elraine and subsequently Fortuna in order to stop their plans.

Despite their defeats, Fortuna’s spirit still exists within the God’s Egg and it still threatens to wipe out humanity, and thus Kyle has to destroy the life support system of the egg to fully kill off Fortuna. However, Reala is also a part of Fortuna, like Elraine, and would thus also die if he destroyed the Lens supporting Fortuna’s life. Before the final battle, though, Kyle made a promise to Reala that he would do what it takes to save the world, even if it meant giving her up. Kyle destroys the life support system with his sword and then watches Reala fade away into nothing, despairing at her apparent death. However, with the destruction of Fortuna, everything that Reala and Elraine did to affect the timeline would be reversed, and thus seeing as Elraine was the one who had revived Barbatos, Kyle is brought to a timeline where his father is still alive.

In this timeline, Reala doesn’t exist, but he feels an empty sadness inside nonetheless. Additionally, something pulls Kyle toward the Laguna Ruins one more time, and thus he goes there to see what brought him to these ruins when, out of nowhere, Reala reappears and leaps into Kyle’s arms, thus ending the game.

[edit] Relationships

Reala: Originally, Reala flat out rejects Kyle as a hero and doesn’t like it when he starts following her around from place to place, but after she is saved from Barbatos, she starts warming up to Kyle a little, but still doesn’t see him as a hero yet. It is not until she is rescued by Kyle from Elraine that her pendant reacts to Kyle, declaring him as her hero. After she realizes that Kyle is now her hero, she quickly warms up to Kyle and falls in love with him, even taking him out on several dates during the course of the story. At the end of the game, in the fixed timeline, it is the strong mutual love they share which draws Kyle to the Laguna Ruins and causes Reala to be revived from the dead, where they presumably live happily ever after.

Loni Dunamis: Kyle sees Loni to be an older brother and the major male role model and guardian in his life, seeing as his father has been dead for ten years when the story begins. Despite the fact that they’ve been close friends for over ten years, Loni has been in on the lies that Rutee has told Kyle about his father being away on a journey for all that time that he’s actually been dead. Even after Kyle finds out that he’s been lied to by Loni and his mother for ten years, Kyle quickly forgives Loni and they still remain very close friends.

Judas: Kyle initially thinks that Judas, who Kyle had actually given that name to, is a pretty cool guy after the masked swordsman dramatically busts Kyle and Loni out of Darillshade prison, despite how much Judas tries to push him away. When Judas finally joins the party, he essentially becomes a second guardian for Kyle alongside Loni, wishing to protect Kyle because of how similar he was to Stahn, even if he never says so outright to Kyle, and they develop a pretty strong bond as well. When it’s finally revealed that Judas is actually the traitor Leon Magnus who had betrayed Kyle’s parents and their friends, Kyle actually rejects the identity, saying that he is Judas now, and it doesn’t matter if he was Leon Magnus before because he’s a changed man.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kyle’s favorite food is Mabo Curry. His absolute favorite is his aunt Lilith’s.
  • Like his father, Kyle also has a bad habit of oversleeping and not getting up well in the morning - that is, when he’s not having nightmares about Barbatos killing his father.
  • Because he is related to Stahn and Rutee, the party uses Kyle as a bargaining tool a couple of times to get meetings that they would otherwise not have received with the other heroes of the first game. Kyle gets really self-conscious about this and claims that he wants to make a name for himself and not rely on the fact that he is related to two of the heroes.
  • Even in the fixed timeline, Kyle wants to be a hero. This is ironic because he actually DID save the world, but has no memory of doing so.

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