Ladylake, The Aquapolis
Ladylake wide shot.png
Type City
Terrain Lake, stone
Population Human, Seraphim
Shops Shoarune Inn
Appearances Tales of Zestiria

Ladylake is a location in Tales of Zestiria. It is the capital of the kingdom of Hyland. A city built over the surface of a lake, it houses Hyland's royal family and a number of their subjects. As they are commonly seen around humans, the city also houses a number of hellions.

The city is home to one known Seraph who guards the Sacred Blade inside the sanctuary up until the intervention of the new Shepherd during the Age of Chaos. The city is then granted a Lord of the Land.

As it is a city built on a lake, most of Ladylake's machinery and architecture is built around water. The waterwheel near the town square is one of the discovery points mentioned in the Celestial Record, and a famous landmark of the city.

[edit] Notable Characters

[edit] Tales of Zestiria

Ladylake is the first city that Sorey and Mikleo visit upon leaving Elysia for the first time. They are granted entry into the city by virtue of the guards assuming they are traveling with the Sparrowfeathers, with whom they have newly acquainted themselves.

After exploring the city and having a violent encounter with the hellion Lunarre, Sorey and Mikleo make their way to the Sanctuary. There they meet Alisha again, as well as the seraph who inhabits the sacred blade, Lailah. When a riot begins to break out in the Sanctuary, Sorey takes up the sacred blade and becomes the Shepherd in order to quell the malevolence in the room.

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