Lambda (ラムダ, "Ramuda" in Japanese) is a being from Fodra's core in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f. He is presented as the main antagonist of the game.

Lambda FinalForm.jpg
Lambda as seen in his final form
Age  ??
Species Sigma Monster
Affiliation Himself
JP VA Shigeru Nakahara
English VA Keith Silverstein


[edit] Appearance

Lambda has several different appearances throughout the game. He's most known for the appearance he had when inhabiting a humanoid body: a small child with light green hair and red eyes. His true or natural forms, though, have varied between various states.

Lambda in his weak form as he appears in the Future Arc, note the sigma-like coloration

Weak Form: The form taken when Lambda is either very weak or needs to travel quickly. In the Main Arc, this form appears as a swirling black and red ball of eleth. Later on in the Future Arc, this same form appears in different colors, yellow and pink.

Attack/Defense Form (AKA Sigma Form): Lambda's more monstrous form. This is a form he takes when there's need for him to either attack or defend himself and is the form that Asbel encounters in the Childhood Arc. He's slow moving in this form, so its purpose seems to purely be for offense and defense. He's able to freely shift between this and his weak form, presumably by absorbing eleth around him.

Angelus Form: The form taken during the final boss fight. It's unknown whether this can be considered a natural form or not as it was remarked in observation that he appeared to be trying to attain a human form on his own. This form is considerably more monstrous than his normal attack form.

In addition to the forms he takes himself, he also has the ability to influence the appearance of a host body, as he did with Richard--progressively growing more inhuman looking by developing horns and wings and turning parts of Richard's body a black coloration.

[edit] History

Lambda was born in Fodra's core presumably as a normal sigma monster.

[edit] Past

After existing for countless millennia, he was discovered by some Amarcian researchers who captured him and took him away from the core in order to study him. He was placed into a humanoid body as a means to contain him. The Amarcians assigned to research him are Cornell and Emeraude and he is treated vastly differently by both.

Cornell researches him by treating him as the living being that he is, acting as if Lambda were a growing young boy. In contrast, Emeraude treats him cruelly and like an inanimate collection of data. Both secretly and not-so-secretly, he's subjected to various cruel experiments under Emeraude's orders, one of which was injecting monsters with his cells.

The pain caused by the experiments made him stressed and afraid, causing the cells within the monsters to turn the monsters violent as a self-defense mechanism. His control of the monsters was sub-conscious at best, but it led to him being branded as too dangerous to continue researching and Emeraude pulled strings to get him scapegoated as being the source of Fodra's problems (since around the time he was being researched was when Fodra began to exhibit signs of distress). He was then ordered to be destroyed.

Enraged by this treatment and outcome, Cornell managed to save Lambda and escape with him to the shuttle bay in Telos Astue, intending to escape to Ephinea with him. However, they were pursued by Emeraude and two battle humanoids who shot Cornell in the back seconds before the shuttle door closed. Using what little remained of his strength, Cornell managed to activate the shuttle's controls and set its course for Ephinea. His dying breath was to tell Lambda to find Ephinea's Lastalia and to live on.

The shuttle eventually crash lands on a small island off the coast of what would eventually become Fendel. Damaged and emotionally distraught, Lambda emerges from the burning wreckage but due to his humanoid body being damaged beyond repair, he's forced to abandon it and resume his natural forms which terrorizes most people.

Around this time, Emeraude completes converting a humanoid that she'd made while researching Lambda into a weapon capable of tracking and destroying Lambda. The two of them encounter each other several times over the course of many centuries, but Lambda is capable of barely escaping with his life and surviving by usually damaging the humanoid enough to make her need time to heal.

[edit] Present & Future

[edit] Trivia

  • Due to the similarities in appearance and color, it's possible that Lambda was originally a sigma monster. If so, it can be inferred from Lambda's abilities that sigmas served some sort of eleth transportation purpose within Fodra, like natural versions of the Valkines.
  • Being born in Fodra's core, you could say that that would make Fodra Queen something like his biological mother.
  • In his weak form, he looks almost like a miniature Lastalia.

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