Lhant is the name of a region and town in the country of Windor in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.

The crest for Lhant, which resembles a windmill. Can be found in Asbel and Hubert's room as well as on a carpet in Aston's study.


[edit] Geography and Government

Lhant itself is situated around foothills and plains. As a region of Windor, it's autonomous from the Windorian monarchy and is led by the Lhant Lordship. Aston is the current Lord with his son, Asbel, taking over the position in the future.

[edit] Importance in the Story

Lhant is the place where the story begins and where much of the beginning portion of the game revolves. Asbel, Hubert and Cheria are all native to this town and region.

Lhant as a town is considered a border town, being situated just outside the Fendel border. As a result, many skirmishes between Windor and Fendel are fought nearby, as Lhant is the only defense Windor has at this border.

[edit] Notable People

Lhant's notable people include Asbel, Hubert, Cheria, Aston, Kerri, and Frederick.

[edit] Nearby Locations

Lhant is physically closest to Lhant Hill and Gralesyde.

[edit] Misc Things and Trivia

  • Lhant is known for its windmills, so naturally the emblem of the town resembles that of a windmill.
  • Due to the importance of the nearby Lhant Hill, flowers are also important in the local culture of the region.
  • It's possible that the name "Lhant" derives from the English word "Lunt" (pronounced the exact same). Lunt also happens to be a village in England, the country which Windor was largely based on.

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