Lord of the Land

A Lord of the Land is a seraph with an active domain on a region or area. They are capable of granting boons and fast travel to a Shepherd who can enlist their services.

A Lord of the Land accepts tributes in the form of gifts of food and equipment. The number and quality of the items offered will affect their relationship with Sorey during his journey, and leveling up this relationship will grant a larger amount of boons and benefits while in the area within the domain.

When Sorey encounters Normin throughout his journey, they are added to the roster of Normin available to aid the Lords of the Lands. These grant additional bonuses to Sorey and his party.

[edit] Tales of Zestiria

Sorey encounters several seraphim during his journey which he enlists as Lords of the Lands he finds them in. They help him to quell the malevolence in the areas they take over and keep it under control. Accessing a save point in a region presided over by a Lord of the Land will grant access to their boons, equipped Normin, and fast travel between save points.

[edit] Notable Lords of the Land

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