Ludger Will Kresnik

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Ludger Will Kresnik
Ludgar Will Kresnik.jpg
Xillia 2's main protagonist
Age 20
Home Trigleph, Elympios
Height 170cm
Weapons Twin Blade, Twin Pistols, and a Hammer
Voice Actor(s) JP Takashi Kondō
ENG Josh Grelle
Ludger Will Kresnik is the main protagonist of Tales of Xillia 2. He lives in Trigleph on Elympios. During his first day of a new job the train he embarks on gets hijacked by a group of terrorists where he meets a girl named Elle Mel Marta who is looking for the fabled "Land of Canaan."


[edit] Background

Ludger is a talented cook and has an older brother called Julius Will Kresnik whom he lives with in Trigleph along with a pet cat called Rollo. At the beginning of the game he applies to become an agent of the Spirius Corporation, however he fails the entry exam and instead opts to become a chef on a train instead. During one day at work he meets up with the protagonist of Tales of Xillia, Jude Mathis who has become lost in the train station on the way into work. After helping Jude find the train he needs, Ludger is accused of being a molester by an unknown girl and is subsequently detained. Before he can be taken by the group that now holds him the train comes under attack by some terrorists, giving Ludger a window to escape. He does so by hopping on to a nearby train where he meets an unconscious girl called Elle Mel Marta. He is then attacked by one of the terrorists after being mistaken for an agent.

After getting past the terrorist, Ludger plans on helping to punish them and in doing so comes across Jude once again and the Chief Executive of the Spirius Corporation, Bisley Karcsi Bakur. Upon accessing the cockpit of the train, Ludger finds his brother Julius there before Bisley has caught up. He then takes two watches, one being the watch that was given to Elle by her now deceased father, and activates the Chromatus ability Ludger possesses which takes Elle, Jude and himself into an alternative reality. Upon entering this space the group notice that Julius is acting curiously and confront him. With his newly activated ability Ludger quickly takes down the shadow Julius and the team returns to their original reality. Once the team return, Ludger has several serious injuries which are healed by the Spirius Corporation, which puts him in a debt of 20 million Gald. The Spirius Corporation, aware of the Kresnik family ability then contract Ludger to use his power to help Origin control the number of growing spirits in exchange for the debt to be settled.

[edit] Appearance

Ludger has silver hair with the ends being colored Black. He can be seen wearing a light blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a yellow neck tie, a pair of black trousers and brown suspenders. On the back of his trousers he dons a blue feather as decoration. He has green eyes and a set of yellow rings circling the iris, a trait he shares with Elle.

[edit] Personality

Ludger is naturally a protective person, opting to try and save Elle before he knew very much about her. He also stood up for his brother and tried to protect him when he was being accused of being behind the terror attack on the train, he also seeks an alternative way to save Elle that doesn't involve killing him. Even hesitating when the option to kill his own brother is presented to him. He also has a tendency to be largely impulsive in the decisions he makes, making very little reason before pursuing a chosen path.

[edit] Fighting Style

Tales of Xillia 2 uses the XMB-LMBS. This battle system uses a weapon shift system where Ludger (and presumably some of the other party members) can change in realtime between twin blades, a hammer, and twin pistols. Weapons for other characters will vary presumably. The battle system seems to be very fast paced.

Ludger can switch between those weapons very quickly. This allows for large possible chains to be done.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kresnik is a name that appears frequently in mythology originating from Slavic countries.
  • Ludger's ringtone on his GHS is Eternal Mind from Tales of Eternia
  • Ludger is currently the only protagonist in the Tales of series who has the option of three weapons when in combat.
    • This builds further on the concept of the Style Shift from the original Tales of Graces
  • The double-edge spear that Ludger has access to when in Chromatus is a throwback to the Mana Absorbing weapon from the first game, Tales of Xillia, the Lance of Kresnik.
  • Ludger is the first protagonist in the Tales of series to be silent. He is also the first to have a name with three words.

[edit] Gallery

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