Luke Arte List

This is the full Arte list for Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss.


[edit] Base Artes

Arte TP Use Hits Learned
Fang Blade 5 3 Hits (default)
Havoc Strike 5 2 Hits Level 4
Raging Blast 10 2 Hits (Knockdown Attack) Level 8
Steel 7 N/A Level 12
Guardian 30 N/A Level 21
Rending Thrust 9 4 Hits Level 27
Demon Fist 6 1-2 Event Arte
Sonic Thrust 5 1 Hit Event Arte

[edit] FoF Changes

FoF Arte TP Use Element FoF Element Arte Used
Lightning Tiger Blade 5 Wind Wind/Light Fang Blade
Burning Havoc 5 Fire Fire/Light Havoc Strike
Frigid Blast 10 Water Water/Dark Raging Blast
Coil 7
Fire/Light Steel
Rending Quake 9 Earth Earth/Dark Rending Thrust

[edit] Arcane Artes

Arte TP Use FoF created Learned
Guardian Field 16 25% Light circle Level 32
Light Spear Cannon 20
Level 45
Devil's Inferno 18 25% Fire circle Level 49
Swallow Fury 20
Level 53
Lightning Blade 11 25% Wind circle Event Arte
Slag Assault 12 25% Earth circle Event Arte
Sonic Blast 10 25% Wind circle Event Arte
Fang Blade Havoc 16
Level 15, Fang Blade x50, Havoc Strike x50
Fang Blade Rage 21
Level 18, Fang Blade x50, Raging Blast x50
Raging Havoc 23
Level 24, Raging Blast x50, Havoc Strike x50
Rending Fang Blade 20
Level 35, Fang Blade x50, Rending Thrust x50
Rending Havoc 22
Level 38, Rending Thrust x50, Havoc Strike x50
Rending Blast 24
Level 41, Rending Thrust x50, Raging Blast x50

[edit] FoF Changes

FoF Arte TP Use Element FoF Element Arte Used
Guardian Frost 16 Water Water/Dark Guardian Field
Light Blast 20 Light Wind/Light Light Spear Cannon
Devil's Maw 18 Earth Earth/Dark Devil's Inferno
Shadow Fury 20 Darkness Fire/Light Swallow Fury

[edit] Mystic Artes

Arte Version Requirement
Radiant Howl JPN/ENG Overlimit, Arcane Arte, AD Skill Special (Level 30)
Ion (Radiant Howl Extension) ENG Ion in Party, 2nd Playthrough
Lost Fon Drive JPN/ENG Key of Lorelei, 2nd Playthrough
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