Malik Caesar

Malik Caesar
Malik as seen in Tales of Graces
Age 40
Weight 76kg
Height 186 cm
Weapon Bladerang
JPN Voice Actor Hiroki Touchi
ENG Voice Actor Jamieson Price

[edit] Introduction

Malik is a captain of the Knight Academy and was Asbel Lhants instructor. After certain incidents Malik is stripped of his title of Captain. Afterwards, since he feels that he owes Asbel his life, he travels with the group as their mentor of sorts. He knows much about the world as is shown as they first travel through Strahta. After the group arrives in Fendel's capital city of Zavhert, the group learns that he is originally from Fendel after he shows his old army credentials to some soldiers. He had been at the head of the rebellion along with Kurt and Lorelia, Chancellor Eigen's daughter whom Malik had loved dearly. However, after Lorelia's death, Malik escaped the country abandoning all plans of revolution and joined the knights of Windor. When returning to Fendel the group has to face his long time old friend Kurt. After his death Malik promises to fix Fendels problems and save the residents from the cold and sad lives they are living.

[edit] Fighting Style

Malik is a very distance oriented fighter. Having him get cornered in a fight is a bad thing. He may have high health, but he is lacking in the defense department which can cause him to die quite often in close quarter battle situations. But if you keep him far back and lay on the combos he can be a massive help to the team and really annihilate. He just needs some watching over.

His A-arte tree(Alpha artes) are centered around him using his bladrang from either up close or further away.
His B-arte tree (Beta artes) are all of his magic spells.

[edit] See Also

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