Marta Lualdi

Marta Lualdi

Marta Lualdi, Keeper of Ratatosk
First Appearance Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Other Appearances None
Weapons Spinner
Age 16
Voice Actor Laura Bailey

Marta Lualdi (マルタ・ルアルディ, Maruta Ruarudi) is the main heroine in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

[edit] Introduction

During the Giant Kharlan Tree's rampage, Marta's mother was killed. Then on the Blood Purge that occurs in Palmacosta, Marta needs to take the Ratatosk's core to a safe place, however, when she is surrounded by the Vanguard, she prays Ratatosk for the help, the core then starts shining, and she faints. Now she has the Ratatosk core in her head. Emil saves her from the Vanguard, so they meet for the first time in the Blood Purge of Palmacosta. Later the two meet again on Luin's lake bed where Marta saves Emil from being attacked by a bear. AfterRichter's intentions are revealed in the cave, Emil and Marta begin traveling together to retrieve the Centurion's Cores. During their journey, Marta becomes infatuated with Emil and is constantly flirting or talking about her love for Emil. The two meet up with all of the old cast of Tales of Symphonia during their journey as well as some new enemies such as Alice, Decus and the rest of the Vanguard.

Marta's weapon of choice is spinners connected to her wrists. They deal a decent amount of damage though her physical attack strength is nothing compared to Emil's, however Marta has a higher ground combo then Emil does. Marta's best weapon, the Kismet, can be obtained by beating Album Atrum, a boss found in the Twilight Palace and Glashiem Sidequests.

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