Medea closeup.png
Race Seraph
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Family Sorey (Charge)

Mikleo (Charge)

Status Alive

Medea is a character in Tales of Zestiria. She is one of the Seraphim residing in the village of Elysia.

[edit] Involvement

Medea is one of the Seraphim involved in raising Sorey and Mikleo.

[edit] Quotes

During first visit to Elysia:

  • "So you were off scouting about those ruins with Mikleo again? And bringing a human girl back with you, too! She must be your greatest find yet, no?"
  • "Is she from the capital? If she is, you need to pass on all the wisdom we shared with you about nature, Sorey."
  • Mikleo and Sorey, you mustn't push yourselves too hard! You're the youngest ones here in Elysia, after all."

After Sorey returns as the Shepherd:

  • "Long gone are the days when I'd have to make you supper or do your laundry. I always knew this day would come, but I never imagined it'd be this heartwrenching... *sniff*"
  • "I bet you think it's strange that we seraphim live in houses just like humans, right? Well, at first it was just to teach you how it is that humans live. But then before we knew it, we'd all gotten used to it... and decided we rather liked it."

After the invasion of Elysia:

  • "I'm grateful that you came to our aid, Sorey. We're all OK here,. Please help Gramps."
  • "She made a wonderful Oath in order to seal the malevolence in Camlann. She agreed to part with her most beloved child and never see him again... For such is the unmatched power that only mothers who truly love their children possess."

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