Mieu from Tales of the Abyss

Mieu is a character in Tales of the Abyss. You will first hear about him when you visit Engeve, after the storehouse is robbed.

[edit] The Cheagle Child

You meet Mieu after Luke is accused of stealing from Engeve's store houses due to a misunderstanding that occurred. Unable to handle being seen as thief he convinces Tear to go to the Cheagle Woods to find evidence that the Cheagles were the ones stealing Engeves food supply. Upon arriving to the Cheagle Nest the Cheagle Elder explains to Tear and Luke what happened and what made the Cheagles steal food from Engeve. A young Cheagle accidently set fire to part of the Cheagle Woods, the north part where the dangerous and powerful Ligers resided. In order to survive and, perhaps gain vengeance against the Cheagles, the Ligers moved to the area where the Cheagles lived and hunted the sacred beasts. In an effort to stop the Ligers from killing anyone else the Cheagles decided to steal food from Engeve in order to feed it to the Ligers and thus curbing their continuous hunting of the Cheagles. It isn't long before the Elder introduced Mieu who is a young Cheagle child. Luke and Tear, and by that point Ion, decide, in an effort to stop the Ligers from eating the Cheagles and thus the Cheagles from stealing food from Engeve, to speak to the Ligers. As the start of his penance the Elder gives Mieu the Sorcerer's ring so he can act as guide and translator for the gang. It isn't long before Mieu shows the abilities that the ring endows him with and thus becomes a useful companion.

After arriving at the Ligers lair the Queen Liger lashes out on the gang and Mieu is seemingly about to be crushed until Luke steps between him and a falling debris and saves the little Cheagles life. Upon returning from their mission the Elder informs Mieu that as punishment for his actions he will be temporarily exiled from the group for a "cycle of seasons". Having found out that Luke saved Mieu's life, the Elder suggests that Mieu accompany the group until his exile is over. A reluctant Luke agrees and Mieu joins the party.

[edit] How to Obtain

You can find him in the Cheagle Woods. He then follows you throughout the game, performing helpful tasks via the Sorcerer's Ring.

[edit] Abilities

There all require the Sorcerer's Ring. You must find a set of Fonons to obtain these.
Mieu Fire - This is Mieu's Default move. Normally, even adult Cheagles can only use this for a little amount of time, but due to the Ring, he can keep using it as long as he needs to. This has an upgrade.
Mieu Smash - This is used to break rocks and other objects. You will find this in the Zao Ruins. This is used the same way, and does not have an upgrade.
Mieu Wing - This is used to hover in the air for a short amount of time. This is an optional move for Mieu. You obtain it in Tataroo Valley the second time around via Mieu Smash. It does not have an upgrade.
Mieu Fire 2 - This is an extension of Mieu Fire. All it does is make the flame go through longer. This is also an optional move. When you learn this, Mieu Fire disappears. It is found in Mt. Zaleho the second time through.

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