Mikleo is a character that appears in Tales of Zestiria. He is a Seraph and as such he is invisible to most people. He is the childhood friend of Sorey, and sees him also as his rival. Alisha is the first human other than Sorey that is granted the ability to see him.

Mikleo in Tales of Zestiria
Race Seraphim
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 5'9" (175cm)
Weapon Long Staff
Hometown Elysia
Family Zenrus(caretaker)
Michael(maternal uncle, deceased)
Muse(birth mother, deceased)
Voice Actor(s) JP Ryouta Ousaka
EN Michael Johnston


[edit] Personality

Despite his element, Mikleo's personality is rather warm. He's calm in most situations and analytical--both about ruins and in general. He's easily flustered when getting picked on by Edna or Sorey. Very rarely will he become absolutely emotional instead of his usual calm and collected. He's caring and concerned towards people he's grown close to, but also is inherently kind even towards strangers. The fact he usually expresses his emotions in a straight-forward manner is also what makes him one half of a whole protagonist along with Sorey.[1]

[edit] Appearance

Mikleo has medium length white hair which darkens to a light shade of blue at the tips. He wears a blue shirt which loosens at the waist and stretches to his thighs. He has purple eyes and dons a blue cape. He also wears long white trousers with a blue patterning at the bottom and black shoes.

[edit] Background

Mikleo was initially born as a human in the village of Camlann to Muse, the sister of the previous Shepherd Michael. Due to the occupation of Heldalf's troops, the hellionization of Maotelus and the subsequent attack by Hyland on the village, he became tainted by the built up Malevolence. Michael then utilized that taint through sacrificing the baby Mikleo to enact the curse on Heldalf.

He was later handed over to Zenrus by Muse and was reborn as a Seraph before being taken from the village along with baby Sorey.

Zenrus then raised the both of them in Elysia. While growing up, he and Sorey made a hobby of ruin spelunking and over time cultivated it into a bit of a competition between themselves. However, the competition largely serves to encourage each other and ultimately when it comes to anything, they prefer to experience it together.

[edit] Involvement

Mikleo joins Sorey on his journey to the lower lands when the other attempts to sneak out of Elysia. He accompanies Sorey to Ladylake to check on Alisha who they suspect is in danger.

[edit] Fighting Style

Mikleo fights using a long staff. He honed his fighting style by sparring a lot with Sorey growing up and decided on a staff mainly to compensate for their height difference. His style in combat is, therefore, very balanced as he can use very effective martial artes along with powerful water Seraphic Artes. Like the other Seraphs, he also possesses the capacity to heal people.

[edit] Trivia

  • Mikleo is the first, and so far only, male character to wear circlets--commonly a female-exclusive headwear in previous games
  • He's very insecure about his height difference with Sorey, even though it's because of the height difference that he uses a staff in the first place. The reason is because the staff makes up for the height difference when sparring with Sorey
  • He's considered a skilled cook, however his forte is in cold things like desserts
  • Hideo Baba, the series producer, confirmed on his Twitter and in the game as a title that Mikleo is Sorey's "one and only"[2]
  • The circlet he wears was his mother's and he's worn it since he was a baby
  • He's terrified of dogs and ghosts
  • His true name is Luzrov Rulay, which means "Mikleo the enforcer".

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  2. Trying to find the tweet, but was told about it by someone else.

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