Minera is the name of the white moon that orbits the planet Organica in Tales of Hearts and Tales of Hearts R.

[edit] Inhabitants

Minera was home to a race of people known as Minerans, notable for being made of largely mineral-like material.

They were a race and culture highly skilled in Will artes and how to use them and flourished for a long time.

[edit] History

Due to the prosperity brought about by their culture, they fell victim to greed and decadence, making their weak Spirias turn against each other, resulting in numerous, never-ending Will wars.

During the course of such wars, xeroms were created to be used as weapons.

At this time, the Organicans were still rather primitive, but due to having strong Spiria, they attracted the attention of the Minerans. Requiring fuel for their new weapon, they invaded Organica and enslaved the Organicans in order to power the xeroms.

Not all Minerans agreed with these methods, though. Fluora Spodumene was one such person and dedicated herself to ensuring peace between the worlds and the inhabitants. As a means of that, she created Somas and the flying fortress Mysticete in order to bridge the Spirias of Minerans and Organicans.

Creed Graphite was also on a quest for peace, but he ended up creating a "Savior System" which became known as Gardenia as a means of controlling xeroms, though it itself is also a xerom.

2000 years before the story, Creed and Lithia activated Gardenia which caused the once blue Minera to calcify, turning it the white color it is now. This action was not done with ill will, though. The two of them sought to remove the seeds of war from their people's Spirias. While their motive was good, their actions led to Gardenia consuming all the Spirias on Minera--over six billion lives.

In the fallout of their planet's destruction, Creed became obsessed with fixing their mistake. Gardenia had been operated and sealed by Fluora and he wanted to retrieve her and make Gardenia give the consumed Spirias back, but Lithia opposed him and sealed him away within Mysticete, at the cost of their Spirias becoming separate from their bodies.

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