Mithos Yggdrasill

Mithos Yggdrasill
Mithos Yggdrasill, Leader of Cruxis
Japanese Name Mitosu Yugudorashiru
Age 4,000+
Race Half-Elf/Angel/Lifeless Being
First Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Other Appearance(s) Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 (Yggdrasill)

Mithos Yggdrasill is the leader of Cruxis, the organization that guides the world, the Ancient Hero of the Great Kharlan War, and the leader of the Desians. He is a traitor to the world, turning against it when his sister, Martel was murdered by a human. He worked to give her her last wish in his own twisted form - the Glorious Age of Half-Elves.

[edit] Glorious Age of the Half-Elves

Mithos misread Martel's last wish of a world with no racism, and turned it into a world where Half-Elves ruled. In order to do all of this, he created Derris-Kharlan using Origin's Eternal Sword.

However, Yuan Ka-Fai knew that Martel's true last wish was not what Mithos wanted, and he created the Renegades to stop Mithos and Cruxis. Yuan worked as a double-agent for both, leaning more towards the Renegades, in order to fulfill his fiance, Martel's, last wish.

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