[edit] Monsters

Monsters are the enemies commonly found throughout the game. You may only have up to 4 monsters in your party. If you make a pact with more monsters, the monsters will automatically go into the Katz Guild.

[edit] Pacts

Spellbind will appear when you defeat a monster in battle when the major element and four of the minor elements on the Elemental Grid are the same. After battle, you will be given the option to form a magical pact with that monster. Also, if you have a compatible monster you will be given the option to enhance the pact. Depending on the type of monster you use and the type of monster you are trying to make a pact with you can either get a one, two, or three star enhancement. If you succeed, you will befriend the monster and it will help you in battle. If you choose not to attempt to make a pact with a monster it will run away leaving an item behind

[edit] Growth

Allied monsters can level up by earning EXP through battles. They are capable of using Artes, Magic and equipping skills. Cook them food at the Katz Guild to increase their stats. Eventually, an orange icon will appear which is the evolve icon, indicating that the monster can evolve. An evolved monster will return to level 1, but they'll keep over 20% of their stats and all of their skills. A monster may evolve back to its original class once it reaches its final evolution. Some monsters require certain items to evolve which can be obtained through sythesizing.

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