Moymor closeup.png
Race Seraph
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Family Sorey (Charge)

Mikleo (Charge)

Status Alive

Moymor is a character in Tales of Zestiria. He is one of the Seraphim residing in the village of Elysia.

[edit] Involvement

Moymor is one of the Seraphim involved in raising Sorey and Mikleo.

[edit] Quotes

During first visit to Elysia:

  • "We saw a terrifying flash of lightning over by the ruins. Were you hurt at all?"
  • "Can you believe it? The land below is so steeped in malevolence, their rivers and springs are too poisoned to drink from! It sure sounds like a different world compared to life here in Elysia."

After Sorey returns as the Shepherd:

  • "It's perfectly OK if you decide to live the rest of your life as an earth-dweller. But never forget where you came from, Sorey - Elysia."
  • "You know why Mikleo chose a staff as his weapon? Well, let me tell you. He's trying to make sure he can out-reach you."

After the invasion of Elysia:

  • "Gramps once told me that as long as we have Sorey and Mikleo, there's no need to despair."
  • "I can feel that the malevolence emanating from the ruins has grown weaker. Has the burden fallen to her once again? I can barely face my own ineptness."

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