Nanaly Fletcher

Nanaly Fletch
Age 19
Race Aetherian
Height 5'4" / 162 cm
Weight 108 lbs / 49 kg
Hometown Hope Town
Weapon Bow
JP Seiyuu Tomoko Kawakami, Yumi Kakazu (VS onwards)

[edit] Introduction

This beautiful warrior woman takes pride in her skill with bows, which puts most men to shame; Nanaly is also adept with magic, wielding spells overshadowed only by Reala and Harold. Outwardly stout-hearted and self-assured, Nanaly often seems tomboyish, but she is also deeply empathetic and, in fact, very refined. Her hobbies are cooking and sewing, and she cares for orphaned children in her home of Hope Town. The death of her younger brother Lou was caused by an incurable illness that she was unwilling to have treated; treatment would involve permanent residence in the Fortuna-dominated city of Aigrette, and Nanaly has a fierce dislike of surrendering her own freedom for salvation. She also repeatedly rebuffs the romantic overtures of Loni, insulting and physically pummeling him, but she does humor him on occasion; nevertheless, they are forcefully separated after the destruction of Fortuna, although Kyle and Loni are still able to visit her younger self in the repaired timeline and help her brother to recover instead of dying.

[edit] Other Appearances

Although she doesn't physically appear, she is name dropped in a skit in Tales of Graces f as one of the marriage proposals Asbel receives.

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