Non-playable Characters

[edit] Rhea Scarlet

She is the soul of Arche's dear friend, who perished in the hands of her parent's student. Arche, troubled by the fact that her friend's soul couldn't rest in peace until it found revenge, lent her body to the soul of her grieving friend. Cress, feeling the same way about his parents, decides to help Rhea get revenge on Demitel, the man who destroyed Rhea's town. Rhea then joins the party as an NPC.

[edit] Brambert

He is the young lord of the elves who helps the team restore broken pact rings. In a side quest, Brambert helps Cress fix Chester's broken bow, and save Arche's life. In return, Brambert then gets turned into a statue by Arsia the sculptor. About 150 years later, the party meets him again.

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