Age 22
Weight 45 kg/ 99 lbs
Height 155 cm/ 5'1"
Weapon Shotstaff and Glyph
JPN Voice Actor Kana Ueda
ENG Voice Actor Kate Higgins

Asbel Lhant and the gang first meet up with Pascal when trying to find a way around Wallbridge.

[edit] Details

Pascal is an Amarcian who left her home to travel the world and study the Valkines. She is very outgoing and doesn't like to bathe very often. Also genius when it comes to all technology.

[edit] Fighting Style

Pascal uses short ranged magic, aside from a few long range and descent medium-ranged. She's short on HP and her accuracy stat is pretty poor, making her undesirable as a party member in comparison to Malik. However if strategized efficiently and equipped accordingly, she can be a very useful caster as she moves quickly and her spells don't take long to cast. Plus, she has a healing spell in her arsenal.

For her Mystic Artes, she also summons powerful Eleth spirits that she makes pacts with through various side quests. She has four different Mystic Artes, three of which involve the spirits and one of which is only activated in Accel Mode.

[edit] Accel Mode

The wiki is mistaken, however, as Pascal's Accelerate Mode negates flinch and allies within the circle receive only 5% damage (not 50%). Once you receive the title to use this mode, she becomes two times as useful if not more, as she can save Cheria from dying in a boss fight, or any other units for that matter!

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