Paul is a young boy, about the age of 8 or 9, who idolizes Lloyd. During the attack on Iselia that occured in the original Tales of Symphonia, Paul's father was killed leaving his mother to raise him alone. When Lloyd returns home from the journey for world regeneration he tries to take on a father role for Paul and proposes to his mother, Lilia. Lilia's response was to throw a tomato at Lloyd which Lloyd deflects and the battles escalates as Lilia and Paul laugh for first time since the passing of Paul's father.

[edit] Introduction

Paul is introduced in this game when you meet him in Iselia. He will tell you he trains under Lloyd and that they should fear him then he runs off. Paul goes to the Desian Human Ranch so he can train. Even though it is abandoned, there are still a lot of monsters roaming the grounds. Paul doesn't return from his trip for awhile so Emil and Marta go looking for him. When you do, you will find that Raine has also gone after him. You find him within the ranch and are able to rescue him and take him back to Iselia.

[edit] Appearances

Paul appears in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World but does not appear in any other game. He is mentioned quite a few times throughout the game, and is also plays a minor role in the game.

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