Planet Storm

The Planet Storm is the name used to refer to the flow of memory particles around the planet of Auldrant in Tales of the Abyss.

[edit] Creation

The Planet Storm is an unnatural phenomena, a byproduct of the method to create unlimited energy by Dr. Southern-Cross. The method uses memory particles stored within the planet's core and funnels them through the fon belt and dumps them back into the core.

[edit] Structure

The memory particles leave the planet's core through the Radiation Gate and circle the planet, then return to the core through the Absorption Gate. In circling the planet, the particles pass through the fon belt and join with fonons from the various layers. This creates Seventh Fonons.

[edit] Adverse Effects

As a result of its creation and circulation, it causes the core of the planet to vibrate violently, which in turn resulted in the liquefaction of the Qliphoth.

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