Presea Combatir

Presea Combatir

Presea Combatir, Bursting Girl
First Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Other Appearances Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Weapon Axe
Age Physically:12 / 14 (DotNW)
Chronologically: 28 / 30(DoNTW)
Voice Actor Tara Strong

Presea Combatir (プレセア・コンバティール, Puresea Konbatiiru) is a playable character in the game Tales of Symphonia. She makes a return in the sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World


[edit] Tales of Symphonia

Presea appears to be a young girl from Ozette but there are many secrets about her. Upon meeting her you notice that she is practically emotionless. You later find out this is because she had an exsphere, which she agreed to have put on her to become stronger but it was attached directly to her skin without a Key Crest. The side effects of this are physical growth to stop, her emotion to be suppressed, and the possibility of turning into a monster. The reason for her wanting strength was so she could continue her father's work as a lumberjack as he had grown ill and though she was able to accomplish this goal, she didnt even notice her fathers death of seem to even care due to the effect of the exsphere. After joining the party, Lloyd makes a Key Crest for Presea allowing her to regain her emotions yet retain her physical strength. Despite the addition on the Key Crest, Presea is still socially awkward and takes time before she begins to hold conversation with other people.

[edit] Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Presea appears in this game with all emotions intact and you even see her smiling at times. Her goal is to rebuild her hometown Ozette with the help of Regal after the incident where Vharley had Ozette burned to the ground. Presea's first appearance in this game occurs in Altimara where she stop Alice from attacking and possibly killing the party. When they escape, Sheena tells Presea to keep Emil and Marta safe and they flee to Altessa's house. After this, Presea plays very few important roles until the end where she reminds Emil that he is not alone and that he will always have friends.

In battle, Presea fights using large axes as a weapon. Though they are powerful, the bulk of the weapon causes Presea to have a slow running speed and the attacks often take some time to start up. To make up for the cut in speed, Presea has rather high HP and is a great character to support the player (as she is not really suited to be the character being controlled due to her speed).

[edit] Skit Faces

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