First Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Other Appearances Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Weapon Bows
Sub Weapon Short Blade
Age 35
Voice Actor Joe J. Thomas

Raven (レイヴン Reivun) is a playable character in the game Tales of Vesperia

[edit] Character History

We first encounter Raven when Yuri is in jail. He comes off as a shady individual and everything about him looks messy. Despite all this, he's in the main guild, Altosk.

Raven is very energetic, talkative, and is often melodramatic. Because of this, he is usually the butt of the joke in the party. Although behind all of his joking and playing around, Raven is a serious individual. He fought in the Great War ten years prior to the events of the game with his fellow knights Casey and Yeager. Through means unknown, all three of them perished. Casey for sure at the battle at Mt. Temza. Presumably the other two as well. Commandant Alexei saw it fit to give life back to Raven and Yeager through items called Hermes Blastia that were implanted into their chests where their hearts used to be. Fearing that Alexei could turn the blastia off at any moment, Raven decided to continue to work for him and became known as Captain Schwann Oltarain, first captain of the Imperial Knights. He eventually makes this known to the party in doing a devious act and is thought to be buried alive. He then magically reappears on board the Heracles and helps the party for the rest of the game. He also seems to know Duke somehow although it is never made clear how.

[edit] Raven and Schwann relations

After the incident where Schwann is defeated, Raven no longer thinks of himself as Schwann. When Alexei orders Raven to come back to him like the pawn he is, Raven replies with "Schwann? You buried that poor smuch alive yourself. Name's Raven. Nice to meet you." He also steps down from his position in the Imperial Knights.

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