Repede, the dog
First Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Other Appearances N/A
Weapon Daggers
Sub Weapon Collars
Age 4
Voice Actor Makoto Ishii

Repede (ラピード, Rapiido) is a playable character in the game Tales of Vesperia

[edit] Introduction

The canine companion of Yuri. He carries a pipe within his jaw as a memento of his previous master, but doesn't actually smoke it. Despite being an animal, he doesn't like to think of himself as one, fighting with small bladed weapons, rather than his jaw and claws. He is hostile to anyone that he doesn't really know very well, and will not willingly let just anyone pet him. He upholds a strong sense of justice, like Yuri, and thus battles alongside the party to their noble ends. Side Weapon: collar Despite not being able to make an oral vow, he is an official member of the Brave Vesperia guild.

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